New album Devour You - STARCRAWLER

Starcrawler—vocalist Arrow de Wilde, guitarist/vocalist Henri Cash, bassist Tim Franco, and drummer Austin Smith—is a band possessed by the spirit of its own hometown of Los Angeles, every movement charged with a primal and manic electricity. The band formed in 2015, and since that time have gone from bashing out songs in the garage to earning legendary fans such as Shirley Manson and Elton John, and to supporting the likes of Beck, Foo Fighters, Spoon, The Distillers, MC5 and more. Devour You was produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, L7) and came to life at the famed Sunset Sound.
Devour You takes the feral intensity of their 2018 self-titled debut and twists it into something grander and more gracefully composed. With its more elaborate and nuanced yet harder-hitting sonic palette, the result is a selection of songs radiating both raw sensitivity and untamable power, and a record that de Wilde says, “encapsulates all the blood, sweat, bruised knees, and broken fingers of a Starcrawler show.”

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Starcrawler - Devour You

1. Lizzy
2. Bet My Brains
3. Home Alone
4. No More Pennies
5. You Dig Yours
6. Toy Teenager
7. Hollywood Ending
8. She Gets Around
9. I Don't Need You
10. Rich Taste
11. Born Asleep
12. Tank Top
13. Call Me A Baby

Starcrawler - Devour You is out now
via Rough Trade / Remote Control