Sunbeam Sound Machine’s LP Goodness Gracious out Friday May 3rd

Sunbeam Sound Machine’s second LP Goodness Gracious is out Friday May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records

The recording project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick SowersbySunbeam Sound Machine first garnered attention for 2013’s One/Sunbeam Sound Machine double-EP, before Wonderer received widespread acclaim, leading to nationwide touring in Australia and the US with Sowersby’s 5-piece live outfit. 

Goodness Gracious is a self-produced affair, written, recorded and mixed by Sowersby in his home studio before being mastered by John Lee (Laura Jean, Lost Animal, Totally Mild) at Phaedra Studios. SonicallyGoodness Gracious trades in Wonderer’s experimental headphone psychedelia for something at once more intimate and expansive, full to the brim with chiming guitars, glittering loops and warped, cinematic strings. 

Sowersby says of Goodness Gracious“I began working on this album in an exploratory way, recording for recording’s sake until an album began to naturally take form. Along the way I found some sounds that it feels like I’ve been hearing in my head for years. The result is 11 songs that document a period of change, about what we look to for guidance, comfort and stability in uncertain times” 

'Talking Distance'the first offering from the album, premiered on Triple R and Pilerats, builds on a repeating distorted guitar pattern, a hypnotic rhythm section doing the heavy lifting while Sowersby’s vocals float over the top. The song details the feeling of coasting on auto-pilot, attempting to remain immune and keep one’s head above water in a flood of information and opinion. 

The song’s video, shot by cinematographer Clancy Walker in the same home studio in which the album was recorded, captures the spirit of the song, stripping it down to its mechanical parts as Sowersby plays the instruments and delivers the vocals unaffected against a colourful, shifting backdrop.

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